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     From the latest statistics collected by Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co.,Ltd: By the end of the 2014, Zhengzhou has operated 100 block trains to Europe, among which the leaving trains is 91 and the return one is 9. The total cargo loading is 52.2 thousand tons, valued 0.475 billion US dollars which including the 24 imported cars carried by the returning block trains. Among all those China-EU block trains, Zhengzhou-EU block trains takes 30% of the total train operation and 40% of the total goods amount. Zhengzhou-EU block train¡¯s position of ¡®LEAD GOAT¡¯ in the Silk Road Economic Belt has been established.   


    At first, Zhengzhou-EU block trains send low value-added products to the Europe such as shoes and hats, car components and industrial abrasive. Slowly the products ranges from clothes to industrial engineering products, IT products such as laptops and USB. The 18 Germany-made RANGE ROVER carried by the Zhengzhou-EU returning block train on Feb.5th is the most ¡®LLL¡¯ products. Besides the automobile imported port, Zhengzhou is also setting its meat import port and the grain import port has already been approved. Rely on the transportation of Zhengzhou-EU block train to positively do the transit business, improve the Zhengzhou international hub constructed to be the important logistics junction on the ¡®Silk Road Economic Belt¡¯. 


    On Feb.5th,2015, the Zhengzhou Railway Container Center has received another Zhengzhou-EU returning block train. To the aspect of the center staff this returning block train is a little different: more than half of the earlier dark blue containers has become orange. The outsiders may can not understand the meaning of this color change, but to the block train operator, the Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co.,Ltd, this change is an important signal that: the orange containers logoed with the company¡¯s name means the products is all collected by the company itself. The products source is going through the mass purchasing process. Zheng Guoqiang, the company¡¯s manager of the comprehensive planning department said that, ¡°As the containers are full, the customers are waiting for the available space for their own goods .¡± By now, the demand of transport capacity is far beyond its own, the high-tech engineering machines, IT products, automobile and its components, special material and food become the main kinds of goods. From the beginning that the government send subsidy, the operation company search for the goods source, to the nowadays that national goods are full filled the container, the goods overseas is purchasing all by themselves. Zhengzhou-EU block train has turned itself successfully to a powerful and charming existence in the silk road economic belt.


On Aug.1st .2014, the Zhengzhou-EU block train has been enrolled into the national team and been unified regulated by the China Railway Corporation. The time has been large shortened and the cost can also be greatly cut through bargaining with the national railway corporations along the line. The China Railway Corporation issued the ¡® TRANSSHIPMENT AND ORGANIZATION MEASURES OF THE CHINA-EU BLOCK TRAIN¡¯. Through transshipment and organization, organizing the goods nearby and exploiting the advantages which is fast and convenient of the China-EU block train. As the running lines of Zhengzhou-EU block train is increasing, the position of it in the national block trains is becoming more and more outstanding and important. It means that Zhengzhou, as the important transport junction, will own more goods source of that of the whole China-EU block trains.  


In May.2015, when Xi Jinping, the general secretary of China visited Henan and did an inspection, he especially visited the construction of such projects as the Zhengzhou E-trade¡¢Zhengzhou-EU block train and Zhengzhou International Hub, and set a goal of doing the¡®Global Business¡¯for Zhengzhou. To achieve this target, it can not only depend on the Zhengzhou-EU block train to take out and bring back the products, but also need a completed multimodal transport system, duty-bonded logistics platform and the distribution channel. On Feb.6th .2015,Wu Tianjun, the member of the Henan Provincial Standing Committee and the secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Zhengzhou city came to the Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to see the planning and construction condition of the Zhengzhou International Hub Multimodal Transport Organization and Distribution Center. He said, about the strategic target we need to do well planning and preparation of cross-border E-commerce, accelerating the construction of global online shopping goods organizing and distributing center, speeding the construction of the Zhengzhou International Hub. In fact, Zhengzhou now is building a Zhengzhou International Hub which is including the Zhengzhou-EU block train. Together with Zhengzhou Air Port, the central plains and the world will be connected.

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