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On Dec.16th ,the second national transport coordination meeting was held by the Chinese Railway Container Corporation in Zhengzhou. Representatives came from Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Suzhou and Yiwu deeply discussed about the block train running, operating, quality and price bundling and transit shipment and collecting. Zhong Cheng, Vice General Manager of the Chinese Railway Container Corporation, said on the background of China-Europe block train ¡®one chess¡¯ project, Zhengzhou-Europe block train need to ¡°Concentrate on finding a right location¡± and gather with the other block trains to improve the economic exchange of the new Silk Road. 

NEXT YEAR THERE WILL BE 90 ZHENGZHOU-EUROPE ROUND BLOCK TRAINS. China will run new train operation chart and the China-Europe block train¡¯s West, Middle and East logistics channel will be changed accordingly. There will be 12 additional paths on the basis of the former 7. Zhang Wen, the International Multimodal Transport Department minister of the Chinese Railway Container Corporation said the new return Zhengzhou-Europe block train will arrive at Zhengzhou Railway Container Center at 20:47. From Jul.18th, 2013 to now, Zhengzhou-Europe block trains have run 92 classes, the accumulative goods value reaches 0.455 billion US dollars and the total amount is 42.6 thousand tons, among which, in 2014, the total goods amount is 33.7 thousand tons and the value is 0.405 billion US dollars. It is predicted that the 100th block train will run in the end of 2014.Zhao Wenming, the General Manager of the Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co.,Ltd said, in 2015, Zhengzhou will run more than 90 block trains to and from Europe, the return block trains will run weekly instead of the former two each month. The customers will be easier to buy the European milk powder, automobile and cook, etc.

DISCOUNT WHEN THE QUALITY AND THE PRICE IS BUNDLING. One 40 feet container of the China-Europe block train only costs 9000 US dollars, it is the 1/5 of the air freight rate and 2/3 of time shorter than that by sea , more convenient, fast and economic. Zhang Wen said, China-Europe block trains will build the quality and price bundling discount mechanism based on brand logo, transportation organization, whole journey price, service standard, management team, coordination platform. The customers use more container transportation each year, the price will be more favorable. What¡¯s more, the national and abroad freight rates of the block train are different, especially the section from Poland to Germany, the freight is 3 times more than that of the section from Kazakhstan to Russia. Zhang said ,next step is to build a more reasonable price mechanism than the sea and air freight mechanism.  It is said that the third China-Europe block train national transport coordination meeting will be held in Chengdu.


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