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The Memorabilia First Anniversary of Zhengzhou-Europe Trains

The Memorabilia First Anniversary of Zhengzhou-Europe Trains


   July 18, as deputy secretary of the provincial party committee,governor Xie Fuzhan Solemnly declares the opening of the Zhengzhou Europe internationalblock train. The 80601 international block train from Zhengzhou to Europe tootsand starts from Zhengzhou railway container center station, this marks another directrailway block access to Europe pass smoothly in China¡¯s hinterland.

   August 28, ¡°Dahe Daily¡± startsthe report on interviewing the train for entire journey.

   September 28, the cargo sourcesof Zhengzhou- Europe train cover 9 provinces in middle and east area, the scopeof collecting goods break through Central China Economic District to YangtzeRiver Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Huan Bohai Sea Economic Region, the radiusof collecting goods is more than 1500 km. 

   October 26, Zhengzhou- Europe train first carries goodsfrom Shanghai Free Trade Area.   

   November 2, Zhengzhou- Europe train operates frequentlyand increases from one time monthly to one time weekly, this marks Zhengzhou-Europe train stride into a new historical stage of normal operation.

   November 23, the Zhengzhou-Europe special train of ¡°Aeolus¡± opens, this is the first train which iscontracted by large-scale import and export enterprise and makes a beginningfor large clients and bulk commodity to open special trains. 

   November 30, Zhengzhou- Europe train undertakes new highadded value business of FCL, LCL, scattered express LCL and bulky items LCL forthe first time to broad the business space.

   December 3, Zhengzhou- Europetrain first departs China from Erenhot and marks that Zhengzhou- Europe trainhas achieved a diversified structure of departing China.

   December 28, Zhengzhou- Europetrain first uses 80001 train number, the new train number makes the time fromZhengzhou to Alashankou from 89 hours shorten to 63.5 hours, and also makes thetime from Zhengzhou to Hamburg from 15 days shorten to 14 days.

   December 30, The return train ofZhengzhou- Europe train is opened for the first time, this greatly reduces the runningcost, marks the maturity of Zhengzhou- Europe train and improve the marketcompetitiveness and brand influences.


    April 12, the electronicproducts of Samsung company are transferred by Zhengzhou- Europe train atLianyungang port to send to Europe.

    May 10, Zhengzhou-Europe train achieves a normal pattern of two classes per week for the firsttime.

    May 16, the valueof Zhengzhou- Europe train has amounted to $ 13.41 million which in excess oftens of millions dollars per train for the first time, this is 8.9 times thatof the first class.

    May 21, Zhengzhou-Europe train first undertakes ¡°top 500¡±--United States Microsoft company¡¯selectronic products.

    July 2, relying on the influenceof Zhengzhou- Europe train, Zhengzhou establish importports application whichis approved by government, this is the first import ports relyingon the port all over the country.

    July 11, Zhengzhou- Europe train beginsthe work of testing car ports, and takes Haima cars which are made in Henan toexport to Belgium.

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